Healing sessions

Besides a traditional healing where you recieve an energetic treatment via my hands, there are other forms of healing possible. You can, for example, choose for a reading. With a reading the subjects that need to be spoken about will come around in a conversation. If necessary I can ask for extra 'assistance', like by reading and healing your chakras, use the healing energies of the elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether or the Timeless Touch to apply to physical problems.

Everything happens in respect to you, me and the energy.

A healing-session usually lasts for about an hour.

It is important to realize that I can support you in your process of becoming more aware of who you really are. In the evolution of your soul, but that the real work is done by you, you yourself will have to do the work. I can not and will not work out or take over your problems, that is not how it works, I am able to guide you, coach you on your own path.

Also check out the Healing Drawings I'm allowed to make.

A healing-session costs € 20,00.