Healing Drawings


I have discovered one of my beautiful talents, the making of healing drawings. It started with making drawings as part of the process to become aware of my own patterns and blockades. Each time I fell into an emotion, I felt which emotion it was and started drawing by feeling. While making the drawing I noticed that the emotion drifted away and I returned into my true feelings. With that came the clarity, insight of what was causing the emotion, which patterns and blockades initiated those emotions, so I could work on that.

When, later, I fell back into an emotion and I had already made a drawing for it, I put my hands on that drawing and felt that the healing energy started to flow into me. The emotion would drift away again and I returned into my true feelings. With this I could and can support my process of growth in a very wonderful way.

Soon I started to make drawings for others, by request I tuned in on the person and started to draw, if that person was at my side I could feel which issues were important to address at that moment and I was able to talk about them in purity.

It is not necessary to be 'in sight' of somebody to tune in on him or her, usually it is possible for me to tune in after first contact, even if that first contact is via phone or mail. Then I can make a drawing that contains the right healing energy-vibes that is important for you right now to support your own enlightment process.

Besides personal drawings I als make drawings that are tuned to situations, locations, patterns, blockades, illnesses, emotions, or to tap in to your own (or other') positive powers, like compassion, inspiration, creativity, or whatever you want support or encouragement for.

Check out the examples of my drawings in the galleries.

If you're interested to let me make a drawing for you or somebody else, please Contact me, or check out the More Information page.