Who am I ?

A short introduction:

Restless, always a busy schedule, always in search for the next challenge, always making sure I didn't have to work on myself, als I used to say "what if I catch up on myself and it turns out I don't like myself". I sensed a lot, but reasoned myself out of it, or changed it in my mind so I could 'use' it the way I wanted. In 2002 I was wondering why I was still around, I was sick and tired of Holland, sick and tired of all the rules, of my work. I decided to sell my house, quit my job and after a year of preparations I left. I really wasn't going somewhere, I was fleeing from the life I didn't want and didn't know where to go, so I followed my nose.

In 2007 I was back again and I got acquainted with the Triskal Healing Centre in Delft and I started to participate with the Sharada year-fests. Through these special spiritual weekends it became clear what direction I wanted my life to be heading, I found my way. Soon I started to join the theme-evenings in Triskal and by now I'm one of the Sisters of the Ancient Ways.

In the meantime I started the spiritual training 'Circle of Life', given bij Marianne and have I been given several beautiful and special healing-initations, like the Timeless Touch, the initiations of the elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air. During this training I have opened up for things like Chakra healing, working with crystals and (semi-) precious stones, essential oils, Rune stones and much more. Because of these experiences I am now able to also help others, and therefore I started my own healing practise.

I invite you to come by and feel for yourself what it's like to be supported by the energy, to experience that we are here on earth to help each other, from unconditional love and dedication.