Ask Your Guides - Oracle Card - by Sonia Choquette

Denial / Divine Helpers

Divine Helpers

Confusion, Distortion, Ignorance, Compromise

Your Divine Helpers are here to help you take off your blinders and more honestly assess the difficulties in your intimate relationships. Although you'd prefer to believe that ignorance is bliss, the truth is that denial is not a river in Egypt, nor is it a genuine form of protection against unhappiness. Your guides gently ask you to summon the courage to honestly admit the real problems that exist in your relationships. As difficult as they may be, until you do so, there's no chance that these shadows will ever heal. So, for example, admit when your wife isn't just tipsy, but, rather, is drunk, as she can be on many nights. Or admit (at least to yourself) that when your son says he can't find a job it's because he isn't looking that hard. Or that when your partner says he must work late every single night for months that an affair or other digression is likely. Most important, admit what you might be hiding from your loved ones: Acknowledge your fears, addictions, excuses, and failures honestly and with compassion. Realize that what your mind blots out, your heart knows. . .and so does everyone else. In other words, when you're in denial, you're only kidding yourself. What your mind blots out, your heart knows.

Your Divine Helpers want to acknowledge these unpleasant realities because until you do, you'll be stuck with them. Not every unpleasant reality needs to be challenged or changed, however. Sometimes it's best to compromise, or let things be. If your partner is generally sloppy, for example, but is otherwise a gem, let it go. However, if your partner is in serious trouble (or vice versa), you're only harming yourself and others-and perpetuating the problem-by denying it. Your Divine Helpers' message: "Take off the blinders, and be open to the truth about others and yourself. Only then can you learn and grow past problems."