Ask Your Guides - Oracle Card - by Sonia Choquette

Physical Body / Gaia
Physical Body


Nutrition, Physical Well-being, Groundedness, Practicality

Gaia, the Divine Earth Mother is present, making you aware of your marvelous physical body, her great gift to you. Be grateful for her gift; it's a wondrous temporary home for your spirit. She asks that you give it the respect and attention it deserves and needs, so take care of it with love and attention. Give it adequate rest, a proper diet, and a calm and peaceful environment. Spend time with nature, as the earth is the true mother to your body and will restore it.

The better you care for your body, the more it will serve your spirit. Listen to your body-its gut feelings, its flutters, its impulses-as Gaia speaks to you through it. This is the Earth Mother cradling you, protecting you, and guiding you through each day. She advises you not to live in your head alone and ignore your physical self. Without a strong connection to you body, you'll be weak and unable to achieve your goals. Gaia's message: "Pay attention to your body."