Ask Your Guides - Oracle Card - by Sonia Choquette

Purpose / Master Teacher

Master Teacher

Consistency, Dedication, Reliability, Faithfulness

You're beginning to stride into your purpose. Work is no longer a struggle, and your Master Teacher is guiding you along the way. The more aligned you become with your life's proper path, the more your days will flow with ease. You'll lose track of all barriers as you go with the flow and throw your heart and soul into your efforts. Your dedication will pay off in the long run, but even this isn't important; your efforts are their own reward.

Doing what you love so well and so faithfully fulfills you. Your challenge is to resist the temptation to push yourself to exhaustion. Remain measured and steady, and don't overlook the importance of taking a day of rest at least once a week. Your Master Teacher is pleased with your progress, but reminds you that even though you may love your work and feel that you could work forever, your body and mind do get fatigued. Develop the wisdom to know when to step away and refresh your soul. Your Master Teacher's message: "Pace yourself."