Links Triskal Healing Centre in Delft, a spiritual place to come home to A group of very special people who give beautiful and powerful performances guided by the energy which I joined A beautifull and special fair in Germany, organized every year by Triskal and where I am a proud part of. Marianne, co-owner of Triskal, gives healings, initiations, hand-fastings and much more Monique, co-owner of Triskal, gives massages inspired by the energy Martha, gives meditations and workshops on a regular basis in Triskal and has a practice at home Susan, give yoga and massages in Triskal and has a practice at home Sander, makes really beautifull and sensitive photos and even gives workshops to make your own Her books are great tools to become aware of all the signals on your path (also available in English) A great example for us all! Her book 'you can heal your life' is a good starters-book